Acting Course in Chandigarh

students testimonialMorph academy provides Acting Course in Chandigarh.This is good news for students interested in making their career in the fields of Acting Course in Chandigarh as Morph Academy is offering Professional Certificate Course in Acting, Film making and film script writing. Students will learn the concepts of Screenwriting, Cinematography, Directing, editing, how to work with actors, what shots to use and to tell a story using moving images etc. Here students are taught a variety of styles of editing by watching great films, and then they will implement those lessons to their own projects.

Morph Academy offers workshops in Photography, film making, acting, script writing and Animation as well. If Film and media are the fields in which you want to make your career then visit us at our Chandigarh office and get your queries solved through well known film Industry people on special days.

Course Content for Acting Course in Chandigarh

  • Voice Culture
  • Spot Memory
  • Body Language:
  • Acting on Cue:
  • Emoting and dialogue delivery:
  • Working with other actors
  • Improvisation
  • Characterization & Role Analysis:
  • Facing the Camera:
  • Dubbing
  • Final Project

Course Include : Acting Improvement Exercises, Diction, Dialogue delivery, Body Language, Method and Scene Analysis, psychology of acting, Improvisation and many more things new about Acting. Our Teachers will guide you for improvement accordingly. This is to the point course and very practical at Budget Price.



Body Language course in Chandigarh

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