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Career after 12th in Web Designing

Career after 12th in Web Designing

If you just passed the Class XII and and you are imaginative and creative then web designing is one of the impressive career. Web designing is the process of creating stunning websites which are graphically super reach and user friendly. Almost all companies , organizations or any business needs a website now a days. Web designers are much in demand in major capital cities in India.

The web design and development industry is a growing professional that is attractive for a number of reasons. With so many companies and organizations depending on their online presence these days, the people who design, develop, and manage their websites are in high demand – a trend that is unlikely to change anytime soon.A web designer  may work as a staff for Newspapers, Magazines, websites, companies or independently.

Career after 12th in Web designing can be had, the following are the eminent ones:

Some Skill and Qualities that you must possess to be a good web designer includes:


HTML (hypertext markup language) is the very foundation of how websites are built. To this end, is one of the most important things a web designer or web developer can learn (and which is why is it is one of the first things you will learn).

Design Sense

Having a good sense of design is important for web professionals who fall more into the “designer” category. There is a lot more to web design than simply knowing which colors look good together.

JavaScript and Ajax

JavaScript is an important interactive element of a website and web developers should be comfortable in JavaScript before they learn any other languages, especially how it interacts with HTML and CSS to create the 3 layers of web design.

PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, or C++

Web designers don’t need to learn a programming language (other than HTML, which is a markup language, not a pure programming language). Web developers must learn at least one and the more you know the more employable and flexible you will be.

Mobile Support

Mobile goes beyond just responsive websites. If you can develop mobile applications, especially those that interface with websites, you will be very attractive in our increasingly mobile-centric world.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is useful for anyone building websites. There are a number of factors that affect a site’s ranking in search engines, from that site’s content, to its inbound links, to its download speed and performance, and also its mobile-friendliness. All of these factors are ones that a web designer should be mindful of and know how to use to make a site more attractive to engines and more findable to customers.

Project Management

Both web designers and web developers will benefit from knowing project management. Whether you work in an agency setting or as a freelancer web designer, being able to manage a project is a very useful skill.

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