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Best Animation Institute in Chandigarh

Video Production Institute in Chandigarh


    Video Production Institute in Chandigarh

    Morph Academy is different from other schools by our attitude towards learning the production of music and audio equipment. We do not believe that they learn best by writing a lot of essays; We chose a practical approach, rather than Video Production Institute in Chandigarha view-based approach. This is what Morph Academy does, the best Video Editing institute in Chandigarh.

    Video Editing Institute in Chandigarh is the leading and well-established institute in Chandigarh, Mohali and Punjab proffering professional training in audio and video editing film making courses. Video Editing Institute) is the dedicated education portal of Morph Animation Institute.

    All the courses in video editing available at our institute are crafted after rigorous research by our expert faculty. Our courses are recognized internationally by big production and filmmaking houses and MNC’s associated with the post production industry

    Detailed Syllabus of Video Editing Course:

    1. Overview and History of Video Editing
    2. Basic Concepts in Video Editing
    3. Different Techniques in Video Editing
    4. Importance of Video Editing
    5. Different Types of Editing including Linear and Non Linear
    6. Film and Television editing
    7. Understanding the Cables, Tapes & Video Tape Recorder
    8. Understanding the Monitors and Timeline
    9. Sound Editing
    10. Transitions and Filters
    11. Understanding Titles and Graphics
    12. Composition and Key Framing
    13. Color Correction
    14. Chapter 14: Finishing
    15. Basic Effects
    16. 2d Editor
    17. Graphic Titling
    18. Dissolves, Pre-Defined Transitions & Cross Fades
    19. Hands on Practice on Premier Pro
    20. Hands on Practice on after effects

    Video Production Institute in Chandigarh

    Career Prospects in Video Editing Industry

    In the film industry, experience can be a crucial advantage when looking for employment. As an aspiring editor, it will be especially helpful to intern at post-production houses. Possible job titles include:
    • Assistant editor
    • Post-production supervisor
    • Motion graphics specialist
    • Documentary editor
    • Film editor
    • Camera operators

    Scintilla Digital leading FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro, After effects, Photoshop. Professional Video Editing training institute

    • 1 week, 3 days

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