Career and Job in Film Making

Career and Job in Film Making, Animation is a growing field it’s a field that has existed for many years, since the beginning of print media. However, in the latter part of the 20th century and since the beginning of the 21st century, the field has branched out by itself, with revolutionary innovations and computer-aided design (CAD) techniques have led to the discovery of new techniques. This field definitely has a great future. Career and Job in Film Making, If you want to get into the film industry, there are dozens of jobs you may be want to consider.

Therefore, there are many reasons why one should become an Animator; there is the charm of a good pay, a luxurious and renowned lifestyle.

What is Animation?

A work in animation can be defined as the art of giving life to a character or an object. A mix of entertainment industry and technology, it deals with the drawing, design and production of graphic and attractive multimedia clips. Animators are artists who draw cartoons and images that are used in multimedia productions to entertain, educate or persuade people. Animators use computers to create images, color them and use special effects to make a movie. Usually, they specialize in animation for games, movies, education, etc.

Skills Required

  • Artistic skills
  • Appreciation of aesthetics
  • Knowledge of CAD
  • Creativity
  • Must have the ability to express ideas through drawings
  • Working with details
  • Good sense of color
  • Computer skills
  • Good visual imagination
  • You should be able to work as a team
  • Possibility of working at odd hours

What can you do as an Animator?

  • 2 D Animator: very high volumes of separate drawings are created for the animated sequence.
  • 3 D Animator: this is the ultimate form of animation. They put key frames in order to put it live.
  • Modeller: Here you have to have a complete understanding of the shape, volume and anatomy.
  • Layout artist: here you have to work with lighting and camera angles and background sketches.
  • Character Animator: here you combine the art of traditional animation and stop motion animation.
  • Texture artist: here a surface is created for the character and the object modeled in 3D.
  • Lighting artist: the lighting artist has to create variations of shade, color and intensity.
  • Image editor: here combines the audio and visual components of the animation Key picture animator:just draw the image of the beginning and end of a movement.
  • Story Board artist: everything is on paper here and not on computers. You have to have great drawing skills.
  • Background artist: you can draw or paint the background of the characters.
  • Rendering Artist: here it combines several things like textures, models, animation, lighting, etc.
  • Clean up artist: is an assistant of the animator and verifies problems with the design.
  • Rigging Artist: Modeling, textured 3D character or object and configure it with articulations.
  • Artist of ink and digital painting: they add color to each frame.

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