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Best Music Production Courses Chandigarh


    Best Music Production Courses Chandigarh

    Best Music Production course in Chandigarh, Punjab course enhance your skills to produce diversities in music tracks including Indian Classical, Punk, Rock, Metal, EDM, House, Trap, Pop, Blues, Country etc,  The studio has become mobile and the definition of a recording room has become more flexible than ever. Audio Engineering + Sound Production is a hands-on production-based course that is directly in sync with the audio industry. It explores the fundamentals of sound and music production, the operation of both studio and live sound equipment, and event audio production in Chandigarh and Punjab

    Course Name :Diploma in Music Production, Direction and Audio Engineering

    Duration : 12 Months
    Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 5 days per week
    Mode: Group Format | Class size – 6 to 7 students


    Music Production course in Chandigarh, Morph Academy is different from other schools by our attitude towards learning the production of music and audio equipment.  The Recording Arts & Music Production Program is an accelerated course that is designed to turn graduates into expert engineers and producers. The diploma will develop you as a rounded professional, with technical skills, knowledge and expertise. You’ll be guided with creative and informed approach to production and engineering and an understanding of the music business and how it operates.

    Learn Music production courses at Morph and become master in Fl Studio, Cubase, Protools, Ableton, Logic Pro only at Morph Sound pro course.

    Course Contents

    • Introduction
    • Studio Acoustics & Design
    • Microphone Design & Application
    • Digital Audio Technology
    • Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
    • MIDI & Electronic Music Technology
    • Amplification and Synchronization
    • The Art of Mixing
    • Monitoring and Signal Processing
    • Mastering
    • Product Manufacturing


    1. Cubase (Windows)
    2. Logic Pro X (Macintosh) / Ableton Live

    Arrangements and Harmony

    • Arrangement Structures
    • Instrumentation and important instruments in a genre
    • Sample Selection based on your genre
    • Layering Samples and Synth sounds
    • FX placement
    • Automation – Filters, Pitch, Time etc…
    • Building your own FX
    • Basic Music Theory Rules and secrets to help you make melodies easily
    • Major Scale Triads & Chord Tones
    • Intervals
    • Harmonizing in Thirds
    • Seventh Chords
    • Extensions
    • Minor Scales & Modes
    • Transposing & Inversions
    • Bass & Melody

    Instrument Choices

    You can opt for two music instruments from the following instruments in this course.

    • Synthesizer
    • Keyboard
    • Harmonium

    Mixing / Masterning / Recording

    • Compressors and EQs
    • Parallel Compression
    • Side Chain Compression
    • Side Chain Gating
    • Setting up a Recording Session
    • Workflow for Recording
    • Pre-amps
    • Compression and EQ on Recording (Input) Stage
    • Aux Channels; Busses.
    • Using Reverb and Delay on Aux Tracks
    • Setting up Separate/Multiple Headphone Cues
    • Intro to Analog Mixing Board
    • Microphones
    • Working of Microphones
    • Different Specifications of Microphones
    • Types of Microphones
    • Different Types of Polar Patterns
    • Recording Instruments using XY, Spaced Pair, Mid Side
    • Checking Phase of the Mics
    • Concept of DT
    • Guitar Cabinet Recording
    • On-axis, Off-axis Recordings
    • DT in Guitars
    • EQ and Compression on Guitars
    • DRUMS
    • Miking and Recording a Drum Kit
    • Solving Phase Issues
    • Editing Drums using Phase Locked Editing
    • Elastic Audio and Flex to Edit Drums
    • VOCALS
    • Recording and Editing
    • Tips and Tricks to get Large Vocal Sound
    • Concept of Multiple Takes and Add-libs in Vocals
    • Understanding Types of Effects (Modulation Effects, Filter, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Amps and Pedals Metering.
    • Special Effects on Vocals
    • Pitch Correction
    • Waves Tune
    • Reverse Reverb
    • Live Sound Recording


    We have a strong network of music industry opportunities. As your skills develop, this will help you make the jump from studying to working. India is booming in The Business of Entertainment. Every City In the country is coming up with there

    Besides catching up with your projects this is a great opportunity for you to consolidate all the knowledge you have learned over the whole year and really get to grips with it all by putting it into practice. The more time you spend in the studio or at a workstation, the more your confidence will grow as you become accustomed to using the equipment, and it will prepare you for your future career. You will also receive individual tuition if required. Take full advantage of this great opportunity.


    • 6 months

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