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Film Direction Course In Chandigarh


    Film Direction Course In Chandigarh

    Film Direction Course in Chandigarh Whether you are interested in becoming a TV Commercials director, a corporate video director or an online content director – we want to share everything we know with you about how to establish yourself as a successful director. The course lays out the step by step process to building your career. We will be showing you our tried and tested methods which have worked for us time and time again for winning directing projects. Once you’ve finished you’ll know everything there is to know about how to establish yourself as a successful director. Film Direction Courses in Chandigarh  and Punjab

     Course Name :  Film Direction Course In Chandigarh

    Course Duration :  1 Year

    Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent

    Morph Academy’s professional training in FilmsMaking, ActingDirection, Cinematography and much more in media industry. Film Direction Course In ChandigarhThe Film Direction course at Morph Academy – The Film School prepares the student in diverse aspects over a relatively short period of time.

    The emphasis here is on independent study and learning through the writing of and ‘original’ screenplay and the making of a film. The teacher is thus like a guide-by-the-side rather than a sage-on-the-stage. As part of the learning process, students also need to read recommended texts on Cinema, watch and analyze as many films as they can, from around the world and attend relevant cultural events in the city.

    • Why you must shoot with a moving camera
    • When to move the camera 
    1. Why all camera movement should be invisible
    2. The three kinds of camera movement that are always invisible
    • How to move the camera – shoot the best moving master shot
    1. The five tasks of a moving master:
      1. Establishes geography and believability
      2. Eliminates edits
      3. Generates eye candy
      4. Focuses the audience on the center of the drama
      5. Picks up coverage
    2. How to customize the five tasks to each scene
      1. Examples: dailies from:
        1. Movies for TV
        2. Low budget features
    • Big budget features directed
    • Lenses
    1. How the look of 3 different lenses is the key to understanding all lenses
    2. The three ways that lenses change the look of a shot
      • Perspective
      • Field of Vision
      • Depth of Field
    • Shooting Action Film Direction Course In Chandigarh
    1. The 3 key components to shooting action
      1. Put the camera in the right place
    1. Breaking down your shots
      1. Put the right lens on the camera
    1. How lenses affect motion in the frame
      1. Get the right number of pieces
    1. How coverage heightens energy
    1. How to shoot a chase
    2. How to shoot a fight


    Who is the target audience?

    • Independent Filmmakers
    • Webseries Directors
    • Television Directors
    • Film Students
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to move the camera to better tell the story
    • Cinematographers
    • Film Producers

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