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Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh


    Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh

    Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh, Morph Academy believes that if you have the ability & skill to exhibit your skills after that it must be bring to the globe. The Academy offers an elite Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh. Best Jewellery design Institute in Punjab  highly qualified professionals diploma in Jewellery designing course after 10th+12th school strive your career.

    Course Name :  Fashion Designing

    Course Duration :  2 Years

    Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent


    Jewellery Designing Course in ChandigarhDuring this Training of Jewellery  design with CAD, students will get a whole introduction to the CAD software and tools environment used for creating the largely customized jewelry design with CAD with the help of technical progress of CAD -Computer Aided Designing techniques. Jewelry designing with CAD in 2D & 3D translates individual creativity & thoughts into a design with exactitude of size & shape.

    • Ring Collection-Women’s
    • Cocktail, Casual, Bands
    • Engagement & Bridal Rings
    • Gold & Platinum, Diamonds, Solitaires

    End of this course of Diploma in Jewellery designing with CAD at Morph Academy, students get job in decent position in the jewelry industry as Designers in CAD, Jewellery Designer, Jewellery Trainer, or Jewellery Sales expert. The course with its complete curriculum, brilliant infrastructure & skilled talent offers students to get on their professional ride in the pitch of jewelry designing CAD in India & abroad with excitement & assurance.

    Jewellery Designing with CAD using Corel Draw

    This course begins from opening the coreldraw & covers its great features used to produce skilled graphics. Basic drawing elements, & create special diamonds & costly stones, Modify those elements & then correct & color are roofed in the training. Special effects that can be applied. The inspired part of making bangles, Jewellery sets, rings, & other specialized artwork is also cover.

    Jewellery Designing with CAD using PhotoShop

    PhotoShop is Image Editing software. It enables to present Jewellery designs using CAD in with fitting special effects similar to the glow of a diamond, shadow on gold and or brightness, etc. Can also create a entire variety of designs by modifying one blueprint. Photoshop is recognized in professional field as the cutting-edge Program, It inspirational Designing.

    Jewellery Designing with CAD using JewelCAD

    Jewel CAD has the authority & tools to produce Jewellery in a perceptive & timely mode. Beginning the virtual to reality.  Jewel CAD is a 3D free-form surface based solid modeling  programme. It provides powerful free-form modeling tools that allow freedom in creating artistic and stylish designs. These tools are flexible and can be easily learned and used. Jewel CAD has the power and tools to create jewelry in timely and rigorously detailed manner. Previously the designs were watercolor illustrations little work of art in their own right. But at times its was difficult to imagine the piece of Jewellery Designing institute in Chandigarh with CAD from a different angle, however beautiful the illustration may be. It provides jewellery -specific tools to design virtual 3D Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh with CAD on screen and create photo-realistic images of the designs, move it around, to view  it from every angle. You can even view your design in different metals and color codes.

    Jewellery Designing Course Feature

    • Photo pragmatic rendering as of any point of view
    • Weight at the hit it off of an icon
    • Simply create a range of products from one drawing.
    • Create 3D Jewellery (Pendants, Rings, Sets, Chain,, etc.)
    • Create scalable, stones, Gems, with different colors plans

    Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh

    The programs may be supported with also site visit & guest lectures. Jewellery design courses in Morph Academy in Chandigarh the skill of transforming metal to ornaments. Supplemented with accessory making, the course enhances fashion abilities.

    Jewellery Designing Course in Chandigarh


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