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Pro e Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Morph Academy
provides six months/six weeks industrial training in Pro-E in Chandigarh with live projects. Students with B.E & Diploma in Mechanical certification can enroll in these courses and training in Chandigarh.

Upon completion the students can apply for the positions of: Executive-Design, Executive-New Product Development, Design Engineer, CAD Engineer, CAE Engineer, Analyst and Product Design Engineer. Join Pro-e training in Chandigarh and 100% practical training.

  •   Creating Sketcher geometry
  •   Selecting, editing & creating (extrudes, revolves & ribs)
  •   Creating sweeps, blends, holes, shells…etc
  •   Creating patterns
  •   Grouping, copy, and mirror tools
  •   Advanced reference management
  •   Relatives and parameters
  •   Assembling with constraints, exploding.
  •   Editing in surface features in Pro/ENGINEER
  •   Replacing components in an assembly
  •   Primary walls, secondary and unattached walls, Unbend, bend back and cuts
  •   Converting solid parts
  •   Sheet metal drawings with flat states
  •   Mold Design in Pro/ENGINEER
  •   Mechanism Design in Pro/ENGINEER
Increase collaboration efficiency with breakthrough social product development capabilities
  • Enhanced real-time photorealistic shadows and reflections
  • perspective views, and exploded-state animations rendering
  • Graphical browsing and thumbnails of files so users can find the right file fast
  • Open last session option to fully restore models from the last session
  • Named views with thumbnails to quickly reach different views of models

Best training part in Pro-e course in Chandigarh is the training about parameters, dimensions, features, and relationships are used by parametric modeling to capture intended product behavior and create a recipe, which helps in design automation, optimization of design and product development processes. Creo Elements/Pro-E course is used in finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling design, and CNC manufacturing. We can create 2D and 3D digital model of the products using this application.

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Pro e Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Course Features

  • Category
  • Duration 45Months
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes

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