Mixing and Mastering Course In Chandigarh

Mixing and Mastering Course In Chandigarh, The Music Production course is designed and developed to articulate the students in the technical world of mixing and mastering. You are taught all the essential mechanics of using the digital & analog tools available in creating fat & polished sounding mixes. Morph Music Production and Sound Engineering course in Chandigarh aims at training our students with standard industry practices to reach their full potential in becoming a competent industry professional.  The sound recording may be learned using Nuendo, Cubase, Sound Forge, Adobe Audition Course in Chandigarh and Punjab  (Earlier Cool Edit Pro). To stand out from the crowd, tracks need to have the sonic clarity, punch, and polish that is achieved through the process of mixing and mastering. Join our mixing and mastering professional engineers for this exciting and dynamic class. The course begins at the heart of sound creation with an in-depth study of the nature of both acoustic and electronic sound through analog and modular subtractive synthesis, and continues all the way through designing incredible drums, synths, basses, and more for your own tracks.

Mixing and Mastering Course Content

  1. Balancing & Setting Up Effects
  2. EQ-ing the Kick Drum
  3. EQ-ing The Guitars
  4. Content Library and Project
  5. Sound Recording
  6. Effects and Generators
  7. Mixing and Mastering
  8. Adjusting The Balance
  9. Compression For Sound Shaping

10. Compression For Level
11. Editing: Fades, Cross-Fades, Gaps
12. Level & Tonal Coherence
13. Preparing Master for Pressing Plant
14. Bus Compression For Beats
15. Level Automation
16. Filter Automation
17. Automating the Pan
18. DIY Loudness Mastering

Careers in Music Production and Engineering

In a big industry like music, there’s obviously a wide range of responsibilities that have to be distributed among specialists, starting from the recording process and live productions to any necessary post-production. And depending on your level of education and experience, you may have to start at the bottom and work your way up to bag more important roles in music production.

Also known as the music producer or track producer, this important person is in charge of overseeing and managing the entire production and recording process, whether it’s for one song or an entire album.

  1. Working knowledge of physics of sound
  2. Recording gear operation
  3. Understanding acoustic environments and studio design
  4. Music Production
  5. Live Sound
  6. Film Sound
  7. Golden Ears training programme
  8. Advanced Digital Tech and Electronic Music Production
  9. Software: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton, Nuendo/Cubase

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