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Best Animation Institute in Chandigarh

Advanced 3D Animation Course in Chandigarh


    Advanced 3D Animation Course In Chandigarh


    Advanced 3D Animation Course In Chandigarh is moving at a pace that is fast. And learning about any of it may seem like a process that is never ending. Hence, this two year program strengthens your hands on the entertainment industry since it further prepares one to take the challenges on regarding the competitive field.

    Course Name : Advanced 3d Animation and Multimedia

    Duration : 12th Months |  18 Months | 24 Months

    Eligibility : 10th | 10+2 or equivalent


    Advanced 3D Animation Course in ChandigarhConstituting of 4 Module, this program is perfect for a graduate in virtually any field with a desire for creativity. In order that they will always one step in front of others.


    Module 1: Graphics Design, Advertisement and Photography  

    It’s all about graphics design. A distinctive, insightful and skillfully crafted curriculum developed at Morph Academy. To produce cutting edge trained in one of several fastest growing fields in digital technology, you’ve gotten an idea, so now a technique will become necessary by you.

    Program Outline – Duration- 6 Months

    Module A – Commercial Design & Digital Illustrations

    • Visual communication, Laws of Design,Advanced 3D Animation Course in Chandigarh
    • Scribble layouts, Vector Illustration, Vector Vs. Raster,
    • Drawing commercial Illustrations, logos and Identity Design
    • Gestalt psychology, Hierarchy of importance in a design,
    • Packaging Design, Case Studies and Project


    Module B­   Advanced Artistry and Layout for Advertisement

    • Advanced Raster techniques, Creating Collages and masks
    • Image manipulation techniques, Image correction techniques
    • Designing Brochures, Posters, catalogues and Newspapers Advertisement etc.,
    • International typesetting rules, Typography,
    • Advertisement for Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Branding
    • Alternative Design. Web Designing, mobile interface designing,
    • User interface designing.


    Module C – Prepress, Production and Photography

    • Photography –level 1
    • Photography – Level II and Portfolio
    • Trapping & Overprinting, Paper sizing, CD Printing, Post Press, Costing methods.


    Portfolio Making

    • Brand Identity inclusive of business card, Letter head & Envelope and notepads
    • Packaging Designs and creating packaging.
    • Website layout , mobile interface designing, user interface designing with wireframe


    Module 2: Web Designing and Development with Digital Marketing

    This is a module, dedicated to responsive web design and digital marketing course.  Which will give you the skills you need to create professional websites. Together with Jquery, PHP HTML5 & CSS3 give a great scope in web designing field. Make Responsive Websites using Bootstrap Course in Chandigarh, India.


    Module A – Web Designing, Responsive web designing

    • Elements Designs, Flow, UX Principles and ConceptsAdvanced 3D Animation Course in Chandigarh
    • HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap.
    • JQuery & JavaScript & web components
    • Responsive web site design (RWD) is an web design approach geared towards Crafting sites to give you an optimal viewing experience
    • Fixed Navigation, Compact Sidebars, Parallax designs, SVG Animation, Storytelling Design.
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3 4, Foundations 5, Pure, Base, Sass, Less , Code optimization tips & tricks
    • Mobile App Design Course Responsive design, color scheme, mobile navigation


    Module B – Multimedia and E Learning

    • Creating Web animations, Flash Websites,
    • Flash based motion graphics
    • Audio and video for web with flash
    • E-learning standards, Creating Portfolio Presentations in Flash.


    Module C – Digital marketing and Internet Marketing

    • Overview of Digital MarketingAdvanced 3D Animation Course in Chandigarh
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Google, Bing, Yahoo – A comparative Study
    • Understanding Google Updates including Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird
    • Monitoring Traffic, Clicks, Impressions and CTR.
    • Pay Per Click Optimization & MCC Account Creation and Understanding MCC
    • Yahoo and Bing Advertising & Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing on different social networking websites
    • Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin Marketing
    • Social Bookmarking and its relevance
    • Video Based Marketing , Creating Display Ads
    • Rich Media and Mobile Ads & Software for Email Marketing
    • Making Money with Google Adsense and Blogging
    • Google Analytics & Google & Bing Webmaster Tools


    Portfolio Design

    • Fully responsive website site on PC, mobile and tablet
    • Totally digital marketing based complain on website
    • Animation for web & 2d animation short film


    Module 3 : Animation and Visual Effects

    Morph academy’s Animation and Visual Effects semester dwells on learning with experimenting. Advanced 3D Animation Course In Chandigarh are creative things plus one will need creativity for students. Because of this you should have passion and imaginative skills and flair for sketching. You need to be great at visualizations, colors choice and acting too. students detailed knowledge of organic modeling, Game modeling, texturing, material, lighting, rigging and animation through specialized faculty having years of vertical experience.


    Program Outline

    MODULE A- Architect Interior Design (Floor Plan + Site Plan + 3d View+ Walkthrough)

    • Modeling in interior designing
    • essential realistic lighting making use of an ordinary rendering
    • 3D Plan Development from 2D
    • Realistic Texturing and Renderings of 3D plans
    • Paint effects and appearance Development of 3D plans.
    • Simple tips to model from sketches in professional way
    • Fastest technique and efficient means of starting a 3D project
    • Perspectives  and Axonometric Views
    • Handling lighting using V-Ray
    • Put up the camera angles
    • Walkthrough for interior and exterior
    • Game design and object for 3d Games


    MODULE B- 3D modeling & Advance Animation in 3D

    • Advanced Inorganic & Character Modelling,
    • 3D Texturing & Shading, Material, 3D Character Rigging,
    • Deformers, Kinematics(IK & FK), Constraints,
    • Set Modeling, Creating Texture Maps
    • Lighting and walk cycles, 3D modeling and texturing
    • Digital Character Animation, Dynamics, 3D Lighting,
    • 3D Rendering and Mental ray
    • Character Set-up & Skinning

     Portfolio Design

    • 3d inorganic & organic models for animation
    • Space design in 3d using lighting & camera walkthrough
    • 3d character Animation movie clip with rendering

    Module 4: Video Editing / Compositing & VFX

    Post production video editing courses in video and audio editing software such as for example Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, etc. with 100% Job- Placement assistance.Advanced 3D Animation Course In Chandigarh our leading edge courses in video editing are Post Production Master, Post Production Premium, Post Production Standard, FCS Master, FCPX, etc. Students get the exciting opportunity to develop a short film during this semester, as they are taught details of video clips, documentaries, movie-making, sound effects etc.


    Module A – Compositing & VFX

    • Creating Animated Background, Creating 3Dcomposite,Advanced 3D Animation Course in Chandigarh
    • Advanced camera techniques, Broadcast animation,
    • Creating virtual sets for broadcast, Type animation and casting styles,
    • Introduction to Computer Graphics , Digital Photography , Cinematography & Film Making
    • Digital Painting & Matte Painting
    • Special effects using various plugins, Chroma key and Rotoscoping.
    • Wire and Rig Removal & Tracking & Stabilsing.


    Module B. Non Linear Editing & Sound

    • Editing aesthetics, Story boarding for Film Editing, Firewire Capturing.
    • Managing footage, The Detailed study of Final Cut Pro, Finishing and Outputting.
    • Kinds, Styles &Types of Editing, Uses of HD & SD Formats, Concepts of On-line & Off-line Editing.
    • RotoSplines and Compositing Using Radioscopy
    • Procedural Extraction of Masks from Blue and Green Screen Footage
    • Color correction in a video, Converting from HD to DV, Media Management


    Portfolio Design:

    • Digital Advertisement for TVC that is short. films
    • Short animation movies with sound effects, rendering etc.
    • Remix sound track making use of most of the special FX
    • Show real for job and portfolio


    Careers in Animation and Multimedia:

    • Creative Director
    • Art Director
    • Art Production Manager
    • Visual Image Developer
    • Multimedia Developer
    • Content Developer
    • Visual Journalist
    • Brand Identity Developer
    • Broadcast Designer
    • Logo Designer & Interface Designer
    • Package Designer & Web UI Designer
    • 2D Animation Artist
    • 3D Animation Artist


    • 2 years

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