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Film Making Courses in Chandigarh


    Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

    Film Making Courses in Chandigarh, Learn Acting, Direction, Camera and Script writing Make a film with us at an outdoor location. The students are imparted training in scripting of fiction and documentaries, camera operations, direction, editing and post production.

    Morph Academy has film direction program & workshops house within our film school. In our directing course students learn the skills and character of a successful director not simply by studying the basics of filmmaking, but by in fact becoming familiar with all aspect of movie production. Through the Academy’s attitude of learning by doing, in just a single year in a directing program at the Academy, students will direct eight original films and crew on twenty-eight others, working in such positions as grip, gaffer, assistant camera operator, and much more. We are the best film making academy in India.


    Course Name : Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

    Duration :  6 Months | 12th Months

    Eligibility : 10th | 10+2 or equivalent


    In this one-of-a-kind Diploma Course at Tent Cinema learn the nuts and bolts of film-making from start to finish.


    Unit -1 Understanding Cinema, Direction & Screenwriting Course
    (Duration : 45 Days)

    • Origins of Cinema & Film LanguageFilm Making Courses in Chandigarh
    • Direction – ​Grammar of Cinema
    • Role of the Director – Director as the author of the film
    • Vision and realization of vision through cinema
    • Film Screening and analysis
    • Production duties
    • Handling Actors, working with the DOP
    • ​Post Production duties of a Director
    • Working with the editor
    • ​Screenwriting: An Introduction
    • Basic characteristics of “Cinematic” writing
    • Story Idea/Concept; Character and Plot
    • Writing Exercise with Prompts
    • The Three Act Structure – beginnings, middles and endings
    • Script formatting
    • Discussion of story ideas for short film (assignment)
    • Development of script (Plot, Characters, Basic story line)
    • Writing first draft

    Unit -2 Cinematography course
    (Duration: 45 Days)


    • Role of a Cinematographer
    • History – Cinema and Cameras
    • Basic Still Photography
    • Framing, Exposure, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, et al.
    • Image Magnification, Area of Coverage, Plane of Focus
    • Camera and Gear options
    • Camera Movements and Continuity
    • Lights and Lighting
    • Practice Session with Lights and DSLR camera

    Unit 3 – Video Editing & Compositing Course

    [Duration: 180 Days- 5 Months]

    • Basics of Filmmaking
    • Digital Design
    • Video Editing & Sound Editing
    • Layer Based CompositingFilm Making Courses in Chandigarh
    • Art of Rotoscopy
    • Match Moving
    • Camera Tracking
    • Title Graphics
    • Audio-Video Synchronisation
    • Node-Based Compositing
    • Stereoscopic Pipeline
    • 3D Camera Projection
    • Live Action Compositing
    • Editing FCP
    • Converting from HD to DV & Media Management

    Software covered

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Premiere
    • Audition
    • Final Cut Pro™

    Unit 4 – VFX and Motion Graphics courses

    [Duration: 30 Days -1 Month]

    • Superimposing & Compositing
    • Animating a Clip
    • Applying Video Effects
    • Liquids and Dynamic Simulation in VFX
    • Tracking and Match moving in VFX
    • Chroma Keying
    • Montage and Promo


    Software covered

    • After Effects™
    • Fusion™
    • Nuke™


    Unit 5 – Sound & Music Design courseFilm Making Courses in Chandigarh
    [Duration: 30 Days {1 Month}]

    • Physics of Sound; Measurement and Units
    • Sound and Cinema: a brief history
    • Importance and Use of Sound
      Diegetic and Non-diegetic sound
    • Recording Devices and Media; Storage Media
      Live monitoring;  Documentary sound recording
    • On set Duties; Post production duties
    • ProTools or Logic Pro – Audio Engineering / Acoustics (DAW)
    • Practice Session: Live Recording a conversation​
    • Film Production Sound &  Post Production

    Unit 6 – Final Project & Portfolio Design
    [Duration: 60 Days {2 Months]

    • Digital short advt. films
    • Direction & Screenwriting
    • Cinematography & Post Production
    • Short animation movies incorporating sound effects, rendering etc.
    • Remix sound track by using all the special FX
    • YouTube Channel Creation
    • Freelancing & Earning
    • Placement Guidance

    • 1 year

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